Super Blue Dream (Sativa)


THC: 23.7% CBD% .07%

Our H.E.W.C. Super Blue Dream is our patients # 1 choice for creative sativas! It’s amazing look, smell, & taste are what make it the best sativa around! The extremely high THC percentage and sumptuous taste make this Blue dream truly SUPER!

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Product Description

THC: 23.7% CBD% .07%

By far our patient’s #1 choice for sativas our Super Blue Dream is fast-acting and known for creating super creative and head-enlightening effects. While Super Blue Dream is powerful, it still allows you to focus and get things done during daytime. Similar to its relative, Blue Dream, Super Blue Dream features a sour blueberry aroma. Due to the amazing aroma, taste and the strain’s head-heavy effects it’s become THE patient favorite for sativas. For those who suffer from stress or anxiety.

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1g, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, ounce


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