Industry Standard MMJ stands for top shelf, organic, medical marijuana, A+ patient care &  fast delivery times

Our first and foremost mission is always to provide the best and most quality care and medication available to all of our patients. We treat each patient and their medical needs on an individual bases with care and respect. We strive to make the best recommendations possible and to always make patients feel welcome and satisfied with all of our services and experienced staff and team members. As a collective our mission is to grow similar to the plants our industry is based upon, stronger and more deeply rooted with each day. With every seed that sprouts and every plant that takes root an ailment is being cured, and life is being preserved. With every patient that signs up and every order for medication that is filled a new relationship is made, and a real need for safe access to medication has been provided.  We are a team of experienced caregivers, growers, and bud-tenders dedicated to focusing on individual patient needs and A+ customer service. Providing only the highest quality, medical-grade marijuana, our products are sure to nourish the body, mind, spirit and soul. The utilization of paperless orders, registrations / sign-ups and refusal to use pesticides illuminates our awareness and care for the surrounding community and our environment.  Our collective is comprised of  California master growers and true cannabis connoisseurs. Each flower and item on our menu is hand picked by some of the best taste makers and bud tenders of the great state of California has to offer. We happily continue our mission to grow towards State, Federal, and ultimately national legalization and we are excited to see the new horizons legalization and further testing and education will bring in the near future of 2016 and beyond.

Free of toxic chemicals and fertilizers, our patients can feel the difference!

The easiest way to complete your order is to sign up on our webpage and add items to your cart by using the cart icon next to each item, then proceed with the checkout process.  If you need help you may contact us @ 714-936-3963.

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Hours: 10:30am – 8pm Daily

(You May also request earlier / later scheduled delivery on orders over $100)

(We are closed for the Holidays unless otherwise noted on the site)